Purchase Request


Let them know you mean business. Similar to Sales Quotation, a professional Purchase Request can be easily created for you to ask for a good purchase deal.

Purchase Order


Found a good price? Place an order or transfer it from Purchase Request. Key in a deposit if you have too. And let the system handle the rest. It’s so easy.

Goods Received


You can easily create a Goods Received note upon receiving goods by from scratch or document transfer. It also has Landing Cost that can be distributed to your purchased items. All this helps keep the stock updated real-time.

Purchase Invoice


Similar to Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice can be easily created from scratch or using the time saving document transfer.

Cash Purchase


A very user-friendly and flexible interface that allows you to maintain Cash Purchase.

Purchase Debit Note


Similar to Sales Debit Note, you can create a Purchase Debit Note for special instances where you need a business-to-business transaction or an extension of credit.

Purchase Return


Similar to Sales Credit Note, Purchase Return can be used to correct mistakes or any circumstance that needs adjustment to goods received or invoice.

Purchase Cancelled Note


Need to cancel the whole Purchase Order or particular item from a Purchase Order? SQL Account provides this feature that just works.
1 Purchase Request – Similar with quotation in sales module, SQL Accounting include this feature to enable you to easily maintain the purchase request for particular supplier.
2 Purchase Order – Here, we provide you a very flexible and user-friendly interface, so that you can easily to maintain your purchase order for particular supplier.
 3 Goods Received – You can easily to maintain the goods received note for your company. To help simplified your work, SQL Accounting allow you to create or edit the good received note by right click on your mouse button and choose either transfer from purchase request or transfer from purchase order.
 4 Purchase Invoice – This feature that allows you to maintain the purchase invoice with ease. Here, you can create or edit the invoice by right click on your mouse button and choose either to transfer from purchase request, transfer from purchase order or transfer from goods received.
 5 Cash Purchase – SQL Accounting provide you a very user-friendly and easy to use interface allows you to maintain the cash purchase.
 6 Purchase Debit Note – With this feature, a very flexible and interactive interface allows you to maintain the purchase debit note for your company with ease.
 7 Purchase Returned – Others accounting software cannot handle and maintaining the purchase returned? You will have no worry with SQL Accounting, you can maintain the purchase returned from particular complete purchase invoice or from particular item under particular purchase invoice or from particular cash purchase.
 8 Purchase Cancelled Note – Need to cancel the particular purchase order or need to cancel the particular purchase item from particular purchase order? SQL Accounting has provide this feature and has been proved extremely work well.
Reports – SQL Accounting has support wide range of reports such as purchase document listing, outstanding purchase document, supplier price history, purchase analysis by document and yearly purchase analysis.
Unique – With SQL Accounting, it has support for partial delivery in maintaining purchase request, purchase order, purchase invoice and goods received. Beside, SQL Accounting has provide available stock balance in maintaining purchase request, purchase order, purchase invoice, purchase debit note, goods received, purchase returned and purchase cancel note. SQL Accounting has support for purchase price history, which means it allows you to check your company purchase history for particular supplier under particular supplied item.