Maintain Supplier


Maintain your suppliers easily with a user-friendly and flexible interface.

Supplier Invoice


Create supplier invoice and track it’s payment history all on the same screen.

Supplier Payment


Make a payment and dispatch an official receipt lighting fast. It also supports partial payment, custom payment post date and pay by a simply knock off.

Supplier Debit Note


Just like Supplier Credit Note you can create Supplier Debit Note and edit Purchase Debit Note all from the same screen. You can also see the payment history for each debit note.

Supplier Credit Note


You can now easily create Supplier Credit Note and edit Purchase Return all from the same screen. Here it displays a list of invoice or debit note to be knocked off.

Supplier Refund


Need to knock off payments and refund credits for supplier? SQL Account has support for this feature.

Supplier Contra


This is a nice feature that allows you to match a supplier’s invoice against a customer’s bill. It also allows for different currencies (e.g: USD2000 supplier invoice contra with a S$900 customer bill), auto calculation and Forex gain/loss.
1 Maintain Supplier – With SQL Accounting, a very user-friendly and interactive screen allows you to easily to maintain your suppliers.
 2 Supplier Invoice – This feature enables you to easily to maintain the overall supplier invoice entry from purchase module, and at the same time, SQL Accounting will display the payment history for each supplier invoice, if you have make the payment for particular supplier invoice.
 asdfdf Supplier Payment – With little input, you can easily to maintain the supplier payment. Beside, SQL Accounting has support for partial payment, post dated payment and pay by knock off.
 4 5 Supplier Debit Note – Similar with customer debit note, supplier debit note contains a complete list of debit note from purchase module. SQL Accounting will display the payment history for each invoice, if payment is found.
 4 5 Supplier Credit Note – SQL Accounting include this feature to allow you to easily to maintain the overall purchase returned from purchase module. At the same time, SQL Accounting will display the invoice/ debit note knock off for each supplier credit note, if invoice/ debit note knock off is found.
 6 Supplier Refund – Need to knock of payments and refunds credits from suppliers? SQL Accounting has support for the feature.
 7 Supplier Contra – This feature allowing you to match a supplier invoice against the customer invoice. Beside, SQL Accounting have embedded with a set of contra control number, allow for different currency (e.g.: supplier invoice with amount USD2000 contra with customer invoice with amount of S$900), auto calculate and posting on forex gain/ loss.
Reports – SQL Accounting has support for a wide range of reports such as supplier document listing, supplier balance sheet, supplier due document, supplier aging report, supplier statement, supplier post dated cheque listing, supplier analysis by document and supplier purchase and payment analysis. Each of these reports has proved and works well with multi currency.
Unique – Compare to others accounting software, SQL Accounting able to support special aging (e.g.: 0-7, 0-9 days and etc.) during generate supplier aging report. In addition, SQL Accounting has embedded with features of advance credit control. With this advance credit control, you can set the credit limit and overdue limit for each supplier.