Process. Review. Print. It’s simplicity at it’s best.

What’s unique? SQL Payroll software is built from ground up around Payroll Process. You can easily process and print from one to hundreds of employee’s pay slip with just a few mouse click. What’s more is that you can virtually keep unlimited payroll history and have your data safe and sound with strong security and data protection.

SQL Payroll is so simple! Discover how in a few steps you can go from Payroll Process to printing pay slips.


Step 1: Process Payroll


One screen. Three types of Payroll Process. Final Payroll Process for monthly pay, Frequency Payroll Process for more than one pay in a month and Ad Hoc Payroll Process perfect for special purpose pay such as bonus, commission, etc.

Step 2: Review Processed Payroll


Once processed you can straight away review the result of each employee.

Step 3: Print Processed Payroll


An abundance of professional payroll and government reports ready to be printed out of the box. You can also customized it to suit your needs.

Pay Slip


Here is an example of a pay slip design ready to be printed or exported to other formats (PDF, EXCEL, JPEG, etc.).