Main Screen

On the front you’ll be greeted with a nice functional menu that helps you easily access different modules and its features quickly.

Entry Screen

The data entry operation buttons (New, Edit, Delete, Save, Cancel, Detail/Browse, Close) are consistent through out the SQL Account. It also has XML Copy/ Paste support.


A powerful Grid component to help you perform task like grouping, sorting, filtering, field customization, grid export to excel and etc. You will love this if Excel is your thing.

Maintain User

We take security seriously and this function lets you create a user name, password and configure access rights.

Access Right

The Access Rights configuration screen as you can see is very detailed and comprehensive.

User Rights Assignment

If you need more control, User Rights Assignment lets you control Access Rights, Form Mode, Document Number Set and etc. by the users you have created.

Account Inquiry


This component gives you fast access to account records that can be filtered by a specific date range and project.

Cash Flow Inquiry


With just a few clicks you can track the movement of your money by date.

Cash Flow Forecast


There is also a handy tool that lets you forecast the expected balance based on your cash flow and display it in summary, detailed or by visual graph presentation view.

Customer Pricing Inquiry


Another great Sales tool that gives you the ability to check Price History, Stock Status, Aging, and etc. by your stock item and customer.

Supplier Pricing Inquiry


Similar to Customer Pricing Inquiry this tool that gives you the ability to check Price History, Stock Status, Aging, and etc. by your stock item and supplier.

Stock Item Search


If you have a large stock item database this tool helps you call out search with a simple F9 shortcut key press.

SQL Power Search Engine


The name says it all and its truly a powerful search tool to help you track down any data that you have input.

Drill Down


If you wonder how a purchase report figure amounts to a value. All you need to do is double click that amount and the system will link to the another report by tracing down the source document.



SQL Account have more than 500 reports built-in that are highly customizable and can be exported to other format such as Excel, Words, PDF and etc.

Report Designer


This feature allows you to design or customize existing report to suit your needs.

Audit Trail


With little input, SQL Account is able to show you a detailed audit trail. This feature lets you track user’s data input by a specific date range and modules.
Main Screen – SQL Accounting has included command navigator to help you to easily to access different modules and its features. Support customizable commands and linkage to external programs.
Entry Screen – In SQL Accounting, data entry operation buttons (New, Edit, Delete, Save, Cancel, Detail/Browse, Close) are locate on the right. SQL Accounting has support XML Copy/ Paste. Simply means, when you copy any record from SQL Accounting modules and paste it inside any text document, the text document will contains the record in XML format. Beside, SQL Accounting has embedded with standard entry screen for the purpose of shorten the learning curve if you are the first time user. SQL Accounting has included lookup of any fields in data entry screen.
Grid – Able to perform grouping, sorting, filtering, summarize, field chooser, and export to excel via SQL Accounting.
Security – Include logon, change password, backup database, restore database, maintain user, and user rights assignment. You can maintain the detail of user access right in SQL Accounting via user rights assignment or during creation of new user account. There are several security types available such as access right, form mode, document number set, report, report default printer. Each of this security types can be further divide into sub-security types. For instance, the access right, it is further divided into by user, by access right, and access right vs. user.
Search – There are two types of search, specific vs. power search. Specific search include stock item search, account inquiry, cash flow inquiry, cash flow forecast, customer pricing inquiry and supplier pricing inquiry. With power search, you can find whatever records by specify the condition with some keywords, characters, numbers or symbols.
Reports – SQL Accounting support more than 1000 reports combination, JIT sorting/ filtering, customizable and scriptable reports and can export to others format such as Excel, Word, PDF and etc.
Drill Down – It is the information highway within the system linking all the reports tracing down to the source document level with simple mouse click.
Report Designer – This feature allows you to maintain and customize the default reports layout to suit your own needs.
Print Audit Trail – With little input, SQL Accounting is able to show you with a complete detail of audit trail. This feature enable you to determine who has manipulate the records in all period of time and under which modules, what are the original value and what are the new value (after change).
Bar Code – SQL Accounting has included this feature to allow you to print bar code. Plug-in your barcode scanner, and you can use it immediately.